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Multi-phase buck converters serve automotive infotainment systems

Stephen Law   

Electronics Semiconductors Supply Chain buck converter Buck Converter

DIALOG SEMICONDUCTOR DA9223-A and DA9224-A Auto Grade 0.8mm Pitch Multi-Phase Buck Converter DA9223-A and DA9224-A are PMICs optimized for the supply of CPUs, GPUs, and DDR memory rails in automotive in-vehicle infotainment systems, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), navigation and telematics applications. The fast transient response (10 A/μs) and load regulation are optimized for the latest generation of multi core application processors. DA9223-A operates as a single four-phase buck converter delivering up to 16 A output current. DA9224-A integrates two dual-phase buck converters, capable of delivering 2 x 8 A output current. Each buck regulates a programmable output voltage in the range 0.3 – 1.57 V. With an external resistor divider the output voltage can be set to any voltage between 1.57 V and 4.3 V. 



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