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DC-DC Converters Perform Voltage Conversions At Low Power


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Endicott Research Group offers DC-DC converters in a range of output power levels from 0.25 W to 25 W for customers who want a converter to perform simple voltage conversions at low power. ERG offers 7 series of DC-DC converters, the output power determining the package series and size – E400, E500, E700, E800, E900, E1200 and E1600 – in a range of input voltages. For example, ERG’s E712-5.06U is a 700 series DC-DC converter that converts a 12 VDC input voltage to 500 VDC@6mA, unregulated. There are many custom variations within each series. The voltage needed could be for any number of applications, such as an ink jet printer used for CAD drawings or medical data where each jet needs 85 VDC to operate and that voltage is not in the system; so a DC-DC converter can be installed to convert 12 VDC to 85 VDC for each jet.


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