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MEMS inertial gyros sensors enhance measuring accuracy

January 29, 2019  Stephen Law

NEWARK ELEMENT14 Tronics Microsystems GYPRO closed-loop MEMS gyros provide improved performance, measuring accuracy and long-term stability in applications such as precision navigation, motion tracking & control, and optical stabilization. Product portfolio brings a tailored solution to support system manufacturers’ transition to MEMS products, with huge benefits in terms of size, weight and power, without compromising on performance and reliability. Devices combine several key benefits on a single chip and features bias instability of only 0.8̊ per hour and ultra-low noise (Angular Random Walk) of only 0.14° per √h. The built-in closed-loop electronics brings several key advantages, including enhanced linearity, increased signal to noise ratio and improved behavior in harsh vibration, shock and temperature environments.

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