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Intelligent configurable capacitor charger serves medical applications

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management advanced energy Excelsys integrated capacitor charger multiple output power supply

ADVANCED ENERGY INDUSTRIES Excelsys FC1500 fully integrated capacitor charger and multiple output power supply delivers constant charge power and eliminates the need for multiple power supplies in medical laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy equipment. By delivering 1500W constant power over all charge voltages from 200V to 1000V, unit enables faster charging of capacitors when used at lower voltages in mixed technology systems. This helps reduce treatment times. For capacitor charging, product can operate with large capacitance and low capacitance loads, and deliver up to 1500W constant power (1500J/sec) with programmable charge voltages from 0 to 1000Vdc. Pulse-to-pulse stability with a repeatability of +/-0.2% is achieved through adaptive control of every pulse, while a programmable power limit enables the system to maximize the current drawn for the wall socket. A current sense signal enhances reliability by allowing the stress on the system capacitors to be accurately calculated.

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