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The APC-MS series of modular power supplies provide OEMs with easy configurability and fast time-to-market.The MS series consists of a four- or six-slot chassis that can be populated with a variety of modules to deliver various output currents and voltages. Each chassis can be powered from any worldwide line voltage from 88 to 264


VAC, and includes power factor correction to meet EN61000-3-2 and filtering that reduces line noise below EN55022 limit B. The MS series can deliver up to 1000 watts from as many as 12 outputs.

Power modules are available in any of four voltages ranging from 5V to 24V. Each output is fully floating and user-adjustable. Multiple modules can be combined for higher output voltages or currents. Consequently, any output voltage from 1.45V to 56V is possible, with output current as high as 160A from the six-slot or 100A from the four-slot version. The outputs are regulated with robust magnetic amplifiers that deliver high peak currents and are suited for powering highly inductive loads such as motors.

The 4-module chassis measures 10.63" x 5" x 2.56" and the 6-module chassis measures 10.63" x 7.36" x 2.56". All combinations of chassis and output modules are approved to IEC60950 and UL1950-3 safety standards. Optional features include power fail detect signal, output power good signal, isolated 5V housekeeping voltage, global inhibit and remote adjust.

The series are quickly and easily configured using off-the-shelf chassis and modules. Any configuration of chassis and modules are already safety approved, eliminating the time and expense of safety agency approval and helping the OEM get their end-products to market quickly. Further, the cost to configure a modular supply is insignificant compared to the cost of developing a new power supply from scratch.


OEM products that must be configured at final assembly for different end-customer options can benefit from the APC-MS series, which can be fitted with appropriate voltage modules to satisfy the particular end-customer requirement. The power supplies can be rapidly configured.
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