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Industrial STT-MRAM equipped with additional 4Mb capacity

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Electronics Semiconductors memory MRAM semiconductor

EVERSPIN TECHNOLOGIES EMxxLX industrial, high-density STT-MRAM product family is a high-performing persistent memory device, suitable for electronic systems where data persistence and integrity, low power, low latency, and security are paramount, such as industrial IoT, network/enterprise infrastructure, process automation and control, aeronautics/avionics, medical, gaming, and FPGA configuration. The xSPI serial interface based on firm’s STT-MRAM technology a commercially available persistent memory with a full read and write bandwidth of 400 megabytes per second via eight I/O signals with a clock frequency of 200MHz. The extended family of devices delivers high combination of performance, endurance, and retention and are now available in densities from 4 to 64 megabits with new, smaller packaging for the 4-to-16-megabit products. The new 5mm x 6mm DFN package is an area savings of 37% over the existing offering.



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