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Fuse expands circuit protection design options

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Circuit Protection Electronics Bourns circuit protection fuse PTC resettable

BOURNS Multifuse Polymer PTC Resettable Fuse line has added 20 new part numbers, all higher power rated to deliver expanded overcurrent/ overtemperature protection selection options in a smaller 1206 footprint. The smaller footprint allows users to meet smaller board space requirements and will also help designers meet various requirements such as for 16Vmax. The latest additions to the Model MF-NSMF Series showcases firm’s freeXpansion technology that increases the performance of the fuse with the ability to handle higher currents and voltages, improves its resistance stability and allows for a smaller footprint. On top of the expanded design selection options that range from 14 to 34 choices, the new fuses feature a broad range of hold current (Ihold) options, extending from 0.05A to 2.0A and multiple elevated rated Voltage (Vmax) options, from 6Vdc to 60Vdc.

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