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Full sensor to cloud solutions leverage wireless mesh network technology

Stephen Law   

mesh network sensor-to-cloud wireless

NeoCortec, providers of ultra-low-power bi-directional wireless mesh network hardware, delivers full sensor-to-cloud solution using NeoMesh Click boards from MikroE and the IoTConnect cloud solution from Avnet. The demo is based on the recently launched NeoMesh Click boards from MikroE, which integrate all necessary sensors, suitable for wireless mesh networking, and are available through Avnet’s user-friendly ecosystem. Interfaced directly with Avnet’s IoTConnect cloud solution, facilitating swift and straightforward data processing and analysis, the demo showcases the comprehensive functionality of a cloud-based sensor network. This solution finds application across various applications such as smart buildings, workplaces, metering, security, agriculture, transportation, Industry 4.0, medical, and food distribution.

The Click boards from MikroE eliminate the need for engineers to create any development pcb hardware themselves, enabling them to initiate Proof-of-Concept testing of the NeoMesh network protocol stack in a real application quickly and at minimal cost. The Click Boards feature NeoCortec’s compact, low-power NC1000 and NC2400 network modules which address a broad range of applications based on IoT and Cloud-based sensor networks. Three versions of NeoMesh Click boards are available, one for each of the communication modules which operate at 868MHz, 915MHz and 2.4 GHz. Average power consumption is as low as 20uA.

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