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2.4GHz Wireless Sensor Networking Development Kit


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Nordic Semiconductor ASA of Oslo, Norway and ANT of Cochrane, Alta. have launched the ANTDKT3 wireless sensor network development kit. By using the kit, engineers avoid the design complexity traditionally associated with wireless sensor networking and are able to build a functioning 2.4GHz wireless sensor network within minutes to test their specific applications.
 The ANTDT3 allows the user to: evaluate ANT as the practical solution for wireless sensor networks; design wireless network control and sensor nodes based on ANT chips, chip sets and modules; and develop PC applications connecting to ANT products.
 Key to the development kit’s ease-of-use is the inclusion of a number of modules, interface boards and software applications that are optimized for wireless sensor networking. Modules include RF drop-in modules based on Nordic nRF24AP1, ANT’s AT3 RF drop-in sensor development modules based on Nordic’s nRF24L01 and ANT SensRcore, plus various interface boards allowing ANT to be evaluated in embedded and PC environments.
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