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Fan-and-filter units ensure enclosure operational security

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RITTAL Blue e+ series of fan-and-filter units enhance operational security for enclosures, while providing an emergency cooling function and smart climate control features. Products deliver an emergency cooling function that actively responds to temperature rises, preventing component overheating and costly system shutdowns. Products provide tool-free handling for easier mounting and maintenance, with improved mechanical components. Available in five sizes and eight output classes, covering a wide range of air throughput needs. AC/DC and EMC variants cater to basic and specialized requirements, with EC technology enabling speed control and fan monitoring. Integration via IoT interface allows real-time monitoring of status, capacity utilization, and energy consumption, enhancing operational control. Automatic filter cleaning function extends service life and facilitates maintenance planning. Serial pleated filters increase surface area by six times, boosting air throughput by 40% and doubling or tripling maintenance intervals.

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