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Event-based power analysis software analyzes IoT devices

February 25, 2021  Stephen Law

KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES KS833A2A Event-based Power Analysis software enables engineers to analyze an IoT device’s power consumption and delivers an accurate view of how the IoT device behaves to the subsystem level, as well as its charge consumption profile. It offers an easy-to-use visualization tool, via firm’s PathWave software, as well as new continuous data logging mode with measurement and data collection, enabling users to capture up to eight days of data to understand device behavior and charge consumption profiles over many operating cycles. Software delivers three data capture modes, which provide the ability to capture high fidelity information and analyze fast events to the capability of defining a specific measurement duration time and capture very large amounts of data. Using a combination of these modes, users can expand their understanding of the operation of their IoT device to make informed design decisions to manage power efficiently and optimize their device for long battery life.

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