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Robust barometric pressure sensor serves wearables, industrial applications

February 24, 2021  Stephen Law

BOSCH SENSORTEC BMP384 robust barometric pressure sensor in compact gel package provides accuracy, high performance and low power consumption. Device makes it suitable for wearables, home appliances and industrial applications in harsh environments. Product’s package design utilizes a special gel to protect it against the ingression of mainly water, but also to other liquids and dust in combination with the required integration concept. The special gel inside the package provides protection against common liquids such as salt water, rain, sweat and sunscreen. Its compact size of 2.0 x 2.0 x 1mm3enables seamless integration even into extremely small designs. Device provides a relative accuracy of +/- 9 Pa, an absolute accuracy of +/- 50 Pa, and a temperature coefficient offset (TCO) of +/- 1.0 Pa/K. Importantly, with a power consumption of just 3.2mA at 1Hz data rate (typical), the sensor will not drain the batteries of portable devices.

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