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EUV photodetector has 2.5mm circular active area

Stephen Law   

Electronics EUV EUV photodetector photodetector photodiode photodiode

OPTO DIODE SXUV5 extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photodiode has a circular active area of 2.5mm diameter. Device delivers enhanced responsivity in the 1nm to190nm wavelength region, and is specially designed to be highly stable over long periods of time when exposed to high-intensity EUV energy. Product is housed in a windowless, TO-5 package to allow for responsivity at wavelengths shorter than 150nm. Unit includes shunt resistance of 20 MOhms (minimum) and reverse breakdown voltage of 5 Volts (minimum) to 20 Volts (typical). Capacitance is 500 pF (typical) to 1500 pF (maximum), and response time is from 1nsec (typical) to 2nsec (maximum). Storage and operating temperatures range from -10°C to +40°C (ambient) and from -20°C to +80°C in nitrogen or vacuum environments. The lead soldering temperature is 260°C. 

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