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Silicon Diode Array Improves Communication Line Protection


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Littelfuse Inc. announced an expansion of its SP72x series of SCR diode arrays for electrostatic discharge (ESD) and other overvoltage protection of telecomm and datacom interface circuits. The SP725 is well suited for protection of microprocessor/logic inputs, data bus lines, analog device inputs, and many other voltage clamp applications. Ratings:

·         Operating voltage range – 2 to 30V

·         Surge current – 14A with an 8×20µs waveform

·         Response time – 2ns rise time


·         Input capacitance – 5pF maximum

·         Leakage current – 5nA typical, 20nA maximum

The thyristor-based design of the SP725 silicon diode array utilizes two bipolar SCR/diode structures to protect each of the four inputs (typically external signal or bus lines). Its operation is similar to what is known as a steering diode, but it has lower capacitance and leakage current for a given impulse rating. This means less chance of communication signal distortion. www.littelfuse.com


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