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Embedded file system is FAT-compatible

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Electronics Embedded Systems Engineering embedded FAT-compatible file system

PX5 FILE FAT-compatible embedded file system couples the interoperability of the FAT file format and Linux file system API to address storage needs of resource-constrained, real-time embedded systems. Product permits developers to leverage PX5 FILE for real-time storage across any physical medium, e.g., RAM, FLASH, and SD cards. PX5 FILE supports the industry-standard FAT (File Allocation Table) file system format, enabling application data to be readily shared between other platforms—from other embedded devices to desktop computers. PX5 FILE is also designed for safety and security, leveraging the PX5 RTOS Pointer/Data Verification (PDV) technology to verify function pointers and various internal file system data structures during runtime. It has the same rigorous testing and verification as the PX5 RTOS—100% statement and branch-decision coverage testing for every release.

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