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Dispensing, coating systems handle wide range of applications

July 16, 2020  Stephen Law

REHM THERMAL SYSTEMS ProtectoXP and ProtectoXC dispensing and coating systems protect electronic assemblies from aggressive environmental influences such as moisture, corrosion, chemicals, dust or vibration. Coating the circuit board after soldering protects the functionality of the electronic assemblies, which may, for example, be used in technical end products of critical safety importance. Highly flexible system structure means that two processes can be operated with the ProtectoXC and as many as four with the ProtectoXP. Users can combine a number of different applications within one machine. Besides sealing the entire pcb, it is also possible to mould only partial areas or individual components on the carrier. This permits wide range of applications, from ‘globe top’ to ‘dam & fill’ to ‘flip chip underfill’. 

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