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Contactless gesture recognition translates hand movements into commands

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Electronics hand-genture optical Sensor transceiver

MIKROE IR Gesture 3 Click compact add-on board provides contactless gesture recognition. The Click board is based on the ADPD1080, a multifunction photometric front-end from Analog Devices that features a fully integrated AFE, ADC, LED drivers and timing core that enables ambient light rejection capability without photodiode optical filters. The drivers can deliver 370mA of peak current for LED, with flexible, multiple, and short LED pulses per optical sample. Its 14-bit ADC and 20-bit burst accumulator enable up to 20 bits per sample period, with sampling frequency ranging from 0.122Hz to 2700Hz.

The ADPD1080 operates as a complete optical transceiver stimulating the SFH4249, a high-power infrared emitter from ams OSRAM, which acts as a 940nm light source that works with a short switching time. The front-end IC then measures the return in the analogue block through the separate current inputs, storing the results in discrete data locations. This data can be read by the host MCU. The ADPD1080 has a 1.8V analog/digital core; for this purpose, IR Gesture 3 Click uses the BH18PB1WHFV, a CMOS LDO regulator from Rohm Semiconductor.

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