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Circuit protection device features cutting-edge electronic switching technology

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Circuit Protection Electronics circuit protection switch

SENTRON ECPD (Electronic Circuit Protection Device) electronically switches off circuit faults if errors occur and, if necessary, trips the mechanical isolating contact downstream. Up to now, disconnection was handled purely through electro-mechanical elements. Product enables new approaches in electrical planning, maximizing safety, flexibility and delivering enormous space and energy savings compared to conventional solutions. In the event of a short circuit, product disconnects up to a thousand times faster than normal protection devices, minimizing the occurring short-circuit energy. Product also delivers wear-free switching, which increases the service life of systems and reduces maintenance and repair costs. In addition, the integrated cyclical self-test (including the integrated RCD function) raises safety to an entirely new level not covered by current concepts. Device provides multiple functions in one device; each can be adjusted individually. Device takes up to 80% less space required in distribution board, compared to conventional solutions.

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