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Battery cell surge tester decreases defective rates in production

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management Test & Measurement battery battery test test

CHROMA SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS 19311 series battery cell surge tester tests lead-acid battery cell insulation quality between the positive and negative plates of a lead-acid battery cell. Unit applies a high voltage surge/impulse before the electrolyte injection process effectively decreasing defective rates in production. Firm has given the surge tester an output voltage that can reach up to 6kV, has four terminal measurement and a sampling rate of 200MHz. Available in either a single channel (19311) or multi-channel (19311-10) unit, while the 19311-10 has 10 channels which can test up to 9 battery cells within a single unit. Testing up to 24 cells in a sequence can be achieved by connecting the unit with an external scanner (A190362).


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