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8U VPX chassis with six 3U slots and RTM support

November 30, 2019  Stephen Law

VADATECH VTX660 8U VPX chassis with six 3U VPX slots can accept 0.8-inch, 0.85-inch and 1.0-inch pitch modules and is suitable for development and deployment. Unit can support 95W per slot with dual universal ac input power supplies to provide 800W with redundancy (1+1), or dual dc -48V input 650W. An optional JSM provides JTAG access via the rear of the chassis. Unit meets the ANSI/VITA 65 standard, and provides front to back push/pull cooling (18 CFM per slot at 0.24 in-H2O @ 5000 feet) to the VPX payload and RTM slots. The backplane provides five 3U VPX payload slots in a star configuration, with a single slot for switch such as VPX004 with integrated platform management.   

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