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65A fully isolated current sensor comes in 3.3, 5V versions

Stephen Law   

Electronics Sensor

ACEINNA MCx1101 high current ±65 Amp current sensor delivers high accuracy and bandwidth. Designed for WBG (wideband gap) applications, and available in 3.3- and 5-Volt versions, the wide bandwidth AMR-based (Anisotropic Magnetoresistive) device is suitable for a wide range of next generation power systems and applications. Product’s fast response and high bandwidth is suitable for fast switching SiC and GaN based power stages and enables power system designers to make use of the higher speeds and smaller components enabled by wide band-gap switches. Output step response time is 0.3us. Device also provides an integrated over current detection flag to help implement the OCD (Over Current Detection) required in modern power systems. Over current detection response time is a fast 0.2us.

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