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10BASE-T1S controller advances industrial Ethernet

Stephen Law   

Automation / Robotics Electronics Semiconductors Ethernet industrial semiconductor

ONSEMI NCN26010 10BASE-T1S Ethernet controller provides reliable multi-point communication in industrial settings, enabling more than 40 nodes on a single twisted pair, exceeding five times the amount of nodes requested by the IEEE 802.3cg standard, to reduce installation cost and set-up complexity. For in-cabinet wiring, Product reduces wiring up to 70% while significantly increasing bandwidth. In backplanes, it simplifies the layout and power distribution without impacting data rates or latencies. Device enables multi-drop networks which reduces the total number of networks for large installations. Controller implements multi-drop 10BASE-T1S (802.3cg) Ethernet that is an effective replacement for legacy point-to-point and multi-point industrial communication standards. The T1S MAC/PHY can replace RS-485, CAN, RS-232, HART and others. As a result, greater data throughput is achieved over existing wiring, eliminating the need to re-pull wires which is often the greatest expense in a networking installation.

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