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October 24, 2017 by EP&T Magazine

Olympus NDT Canada invests to support growth

$37-Million CAD building improves employee work experience, begins immediate expansion of personnel with a focus on software engineering, electrical engineering, and electronics and mechanical manufacturing
August 25, 2017 by Stephen Law

1000Vdc input industrial dc-dc converters deliver 500W

ABSOPULSE  HVI 500-1K-XX-FX Series of dc-dc converters are suitable for rugged industrial applications that require high input voltages and wide dc-input ranges. Units accept a nominal input voltage of 1000Vdc with an 800Vdc to 1200Vdc operating input range. 500W units…
May 31, 2017 by Stephen Law

Convection cooled 250W ac-dc power supplies serve medical environment

MURATA PQC series of industrial/medical power supplies provides single and wide input ranges, rated at 250 watts of output power in an industry-standard open frame 3 x 5 inch, 1U footprint. The high-efficiency unit can deliver full power with free-air…
April 18, 2017 by Leroy Spence, sales and business manager, EU Automation

The best of industrial automation is yet to come Industry super trends

Regardless of whether you call it Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet or the Internet of Things (IoT), the shift towards connected technologies is clear across most industry sectors.
March 31, 2017 by Stephen Law

Universal input ac-dc power supplies provide PFC-input

ABSOPULSE PHR series of industrial quality ac-dc power supplies with active PFC-input, provide an operating life of up to 30 years and are suitable for environments where power supply repair or replacement is not feasible. The opto-less design provides low…
March 25, 2017 by Stephen Law

Rugged power modules serve harsh environments

POWERBOX ENA400-M model 400W dc-dc converter industrial automotive applications provides free air convection cooling and is packaged in an aluminum enclosure with built in heatsink and potted with heat conductive polyurethane to improving thermal dissipation. Ratified for IP67 operation and…
December 7, 2016 by Stephen Law

Industrial power supply delivers up to 3200W

TDK-LAMBDA TPS3000-24 industrial power supply delivers up to 3200W output power (24V at 133.3A) in a 2U high package and will operate from a wide range Delta or Wye 350 – 528Vac three phase input. Product’s high voltage, three-phase input…