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April 28, 2020 by Delkin Devices

The costs, risks of overlooking flash storage in rugged applications

Industrial OEMs see value in optimizing the right flash technology to ensure host architecture compatibility while meeting application workload requirements
September 19, 2019 by Stephen Law

FPGAs alleviate memory bottlenecks

XILINX Virtex UltraScale+ HBM FPGAs alleviate memory bottlenecks with integrated HBM. Devices are suitable for latency-sensitive workloads that process large datasets such as adaptable AI inference; database acceleration and data analytics; video transcoding; security processing. With devices with up to…
August 8, 2019 by Stephen Law

NVMe memory chips redefine size to performance ratio

TOSHIBA MEMORY AMERICA XFMEXPRESS form factor technology for removable PCIe attached, NVMe memory devices (SSDs) delivers a broad combination of features designed to enhance ultra-mobile PCs, IoT devices and various embedded applications. Technology enables a new category of small memory…
March 8, 2019 by Stephen Law

eMRAM device isbBased on 28nm FD-SOI process

SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS 28FDS-based embedded magnetic random access memory (eMRAM) semiconductor product is based on the firm’s 28nm fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) process technology. Device provides resistance-based operation and allows strong scalability, while also possessing improved technical characteristics such as nonvolatility, random…
February 28, 2019 by EP&T Magazine

Samsung doubling current smartphone storage speed

Global memory maker begins mass production of industry-first 512GB eUFS 3.0
December 5, 2018 by Gap Wireless Inc.

Boosting Bench DMM and Function/Waveform Generator Memory

Whether it’s a basic Handheld Multimeter or a powerful bench Power Supply that’s needed to get the job done, Gap Wireless carries a broad range of portable, bench and system instruments that can meet basic to complex testing challenges. Gap Wireless, a leading…
November 19, 2018 by Stephen Law

Memory recorder enhances waveform recording performance

ACA-TMETRIX Hioki MR6000 Memory Hicorder overcomes barriers to reach new ground and meet challenges that are yet to be seen. With improved specifications, operability and design, memory recorder has been re-engineered from top to bottom, delivering enhanced performance for waveform…
August 26, 2018 by Stephen Law

Mouser boost memory by adding Micron Technology

Mouser Electronics Inc. has signed a global distribution agreement with Micron Technology, a leading provider of innovative memory solutions. With the agreement, Mouser adds a key memory technology manufacturer to its portfolio, serving its customers worldwide with Micron’s industry-leading solutions. …