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March 28, 2020 by Stephen Law

Dev kit speeds development of mobile hardware

INTRINSYNC Snapdragon 865 Mobile Hardware Development Kit provides an open-frame solution for technology companies to integrate and innovate devices using this feature-rich Android development platform that is designed to provide a suitable starting point for creating high-performance mobile devices and applications…
February 28, 2020 by EP&T Magazine

RIC Centre relocates to downtown Brampton

Move of tech incubator enhances city’s growing innovation district
February 25, 2020 by Stephen Law

Titanium socket head cap screws meet DIN912 specs

EMX ENTERPRISES Keystone Electronics series of metric threaded, titanium socket head cap screws are manufactured from C-276, grade 2 titanium meeting DIN912 specifications. Devices are suitable for use in corrosive environments involving seawater, acids or chemicals, petroleum, biomedical and power…
February 12, 2020 by Stephen Law

Development kit speeds software development

SYNOPSYS ARC HS4x/4xD development kit with silicon-based hardware platform with DSP functionality accelerates software development for mobile baseband, voice/speech, home audio and artificial intelligence applications. Kit accelerates software development for SoC based on the superscalar ARC HS4x and DSP-enhanced HS4xD…
February 11, 2020 by EP&T Magazine

NUVIA creates beachhead in Toronto

Leading-edge silicon design firm to open its first international office
November 7, 2019 by Stephen Law

International Conference for Electronics Hardware Enabling Technologies

CONFERENCE RESCHEDULED! In light of the rapid outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), SMTA is taking precautionary measures for our participants and has decided to reschedule the conference to December 8-10, 2020 in Markham, ON, Canada.   Electronics products are becoming…
November 4, 2019 by Stephen Law

Google steps into gadgetry with Fitbit acquisition

Tech giant makes effort to become a force in consumer electronic hardware
February 8, 2019 by EP&T Magazine

Role of hardware in IoT designs continues to grow

New research from Newark element14 shows common standards and policies have been identified as key to accelerating the benefits of IoT
December 25, 2018 by Stephen Law

Open-source hardware simplifies sensor connection

SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green (BBG) is a joint effort by BeagleBoard.org and Seeed Studio. It is based on the open-source hardware design of BeagleBone Black and developed into this differentiated version. The BBG has included two Grove connectors, making it easier to connect…
November 2, 2018 by Paulo Garcia, Assistant Professor, Carleton University / Source: The Canadian Press

Don’t trust your hardware: Why security vulnerabilities affect us all

A few weeks ago, Bloomberg reported that China was spying on American tech firms, including Apple and Amazon, by installing secret microchips on server boards during the production process. These hardware trojans are, like the Greek horse used to sneak…
August 14, 2018 by Anick Jesdanun, The Associated Press, New York

Samsung’s new phone shows how hardware innovation has slowed

Samsung’s new smartphone illustrates the limits of innovation at a time when hardware advances have slowed. The new phone, the Galaxy Note 9, will be faster and will last longer without a recharge. But while earth-shattering new features are in…
August 13, 2018 by Stephen Law

Starter kits help create Industrial IoT solutions

HARTING Industrial IoT (IIoT) starter kits contains all of the necessary hardware and software for a basic application, removing the risk and guesswork for firms looking to embrace IIoT. Kits provide everything you need to prototype an IIoT solution. MICA…