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EyeQ has clear vision on AI video enhancement

By Sohail Kamal, West Coast Correspondent   

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Perfectly Clear technology autocorrects more than 51-billion photos per year


EyeQ Imaging Inc. is helping its clients exhibit a clearer focus by developing innovative digital imaging technology that evolves the way businesses correct and enhance imagery and videos. The Calgary-based firm’s technology, Perfectly Clear, autocorrects more than 51 billion photos per year, helping their clients improve workflow by auto-correcting photos efficiently and effectively.

West Coast Report recently had the opportunity to meet with Brad Malcolm, CEO and co-founder of EyeQ, about what led them to start EyeQ, their development of new artificial intelligence technology for video processing, and how they have blossomed from Calgary, Alberta.

Brad Malcolm, CEO and co-founder of EyeQ.

“We started EyeQ out of frustration. We would capture an amazing image, only to have the photo not look so good,” explains Malcolm. “The team has grown over our 20 years, with the biggest growth being between 2018 and 2021. We did a large licensing deal to a cell phone company, OPPO,” explains Malcolm. They met with printers, producers, and began supporting the manufacturing pipeline for various print deliverables. They work with HP Indigo, as well as companies like Qualicom, Nvidia, and other vendors.

Running on the GPU

The firm’s previous technology ran on the central processing unit (CPU), but they are expanding into the video correcting and optimization space which is leading them to run on the graphics processing unit (GPU). “Today, we are a team of leading scientists, physicists, AI experts, and photographers who are driven to make every photo and video as brilliant, vibrant, and clear as possible all while maintaining colour integrity.” By using artificial intelligence to automatically enhance videos in real-time, they can now offer professional retouchers editing sliders to make video editing and enhancement easier than ever. “Much like what we are used to with auto-correct for photos, we now offer the same for videos. All of this, while enhancing videos by harnessing the power of AI, which is really exciting.”


Previous technology from EyeQ ran on the CPU, but the firm has expanded into the video correcting and optimization space – leading them to run on the GPU.

The launch of the technology is timely. COVID-19 has led more companies to focus their marketing efforts online, and with customers interested in engaging more with video content, video creation and consumption have boomed. “The EyeQ team is very excited about unveiling our video enhancement technology at this time.

Whether you’re a phone OEM, an application developer, or a webcam or video conference provider, [we can help] enhance your video and amaze your customers,” says Malcolm.

International approach

To some, it may seem surprising that a world-class tech company in this space would be from Calgary. Their customers are global, and they power some of the largest printers in the world.

“We have different time zones to support, and revenues come from around the world. Germany, France, China, the States, Korea. In places like China, language is a big deal. So in countries like that, you need a presence. Calgary [has historically been] oil and gas-based and finding knowledge in the photography space is specific and tough to find locally. So, we have learned to hire where there is talent,” says Malcolm.

“I hired an experienced CTO out of Texas, someone who understands the image pipeline. When you are going 50 million miles an hour, it is not possible to wait two months to find out if there is talent available – or to find the time to train them to be up to speed.” Now, Calgary is positioning itself as a mini tech hub for start-ups, which EyeQ is proud to be a big part of.

Malcolm finished by sharing advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs: “Always hire the best people possible. Without good people and the right team, one can’t execute and grow. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box – that’s how great ideas happen.”

To learn more about EyeQ, go to eyeq.photos.


Sohail Kamal is EP&T’s West Coast correspondent.





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