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Boréas’ piezo haptic trackpad module lets OEMs differentiate on pcb real estate

Boréas Technologies, Bromont QC-based specialists in ultra-low-power, high-definition piezo haptic semiconductors, has released its second-generation piezo haptic trackpad module, an integrated platform that speeds the design of responsive, customizable PC trackpads at affordable price points.

Featuring the company’s recently announced BOS1921 piezo haptic driver and a customized piezo haptic layer, the new trackpad module is the industry’s thinnest at just 2.4mm. Offering user-customizable haptic feedback intensity and force sensing—and an entire surface that’s clickable—the Boréas module supports small, large, and seamless trackpads and allows PC OEMs to roll out different versions using the same underlying hardware.

Source: Boreas

“PC OEMs have been slow to adopt haptic trackpads because of cost. Boréas solves that problem,” said Simon Chaput, founder and CEO, Boréas Technologies. “Based on the success of our first-gen Piezo Haptic Trackpad, which is starting production in premium models from some top-tier PC OEMs, we saw the need for a piezo haptic trackpad with the same features and performance—but at price that’s affordable for mid-range laptops and notebooks.

“Our second-gen Piezo Haptic Trackpad fits the bill. Using a simpler manufacturing process and high yields similar to traditional trackpads, our second-gen product sports a haptic layer that’s half the cost. Now PC OEMs can deliver user-definable haptic feedback and touch sensitivity across a range of competitively priced ultra-thin and light laptops and notebooks,” Chaput said.



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