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STEM-focused biz given 8 behavioural measures to decrease gender inequality

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As a follow up to the 2017 co-authored report, Where’s The Dial Now?, #movethedial and PwC Canada released their second joint report  geared at providing businesses with actionable tactics to help support, sponsor, and champion women in the workplace. 

The new report, Eight behavioural nudges to keep moving the dial forward, examines how representation can be improved across a number of industries – especially in key roles related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, whereas the first report focused mainly on the tech sector.

“We know that we need the full talent pool at the design, leadership and board tables in the tech industry, and we’ve done a good job identifying where the gaps are,” says Jodi Kovitz, Founder & CEO of #movethedial “but we’re now at the point where knowledge is not enough, we need to act. In ways big and small. The nudges in the report illustrate that even the smallest change to organizational practices and processes can collectively, drive significant change, one person at a time.”

We know that diverse viewpoints and experiences contribute

“Closing the gender gap in all areas of business should be top of mind for any organization. We know that diverse viewpoints and experiences contribute to stronger, more innovative business outcomes,” says Chris Dulny, Chief Innovation Officer, PwC Canada. “The eight nudges in the report are small, but important actions that every organization can take to make a meaningful impact for women.”


Eight behavioural nudges to keep moving the dial forward presents simple behavioural measures, in the form of nudges, that can be implemented into an organization to cultivate the environment and culture needed to move the dial for women in a tangible way.

The nudges include:

  • Cutting gender stereotypes out of hiring practices
  • Broadening hiring criteria to fight unconscious bias
  • Shining a spotlight on women in leadership roles
  • Promoting a culture that values the voice of women
  • Including men as stakeholders of positive change
  • Taking mentorship one step further with sponsorship
  • Building teams that reflect your customer base
  • Advocating for others as well as yourself

In addition to the nudges, the report also features five innovative women leaders from across Canada who have witnessed first hand how behavioural nudges can help make innovation roles more accessible, welcoming and rewarding for women. The women, who include top executives from TELUS, Government of British Columbia, ENMAX, BMO and League, each shared personal stories of how the nudges have helped them advance their own careers and actively support dial moving within their own organizations.

As Canada continues to grow its innovation economy, implementation of organizational practices that support the diversity and inclusion of all people will be key in ensuring it remains a leader in the innovation and STEM space.


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