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Newark element14 brings robotics into the classroom

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New products from BinaryBots, Robotical and Wonder Workshop offer accessible, tactile learning platforms

Newark element14 has added a full collection of educational robotics kits to its product range, offering an engaging and accessible platform for teachers to incorporate physical computing into the classroom. 

A variety of kits are available from innovative suppliers including BinaryBots, Robotical, and Wonder Workshop, suitable for children in elementary through high school. Whether it’s physically constructing and customizing the robots or using them straight out of the box, these kits teach children the fundamentals of coding by exposing them to sensor technology, motor control and wireless communication, as well as working with microcomputer platforms such as micro:bit, in fun and engaging ways.

The BinaryBots starter range, designed for ages 8+, includes easy-to-assemble ‘Cardboard2Code’ beginner products designed to introduce robotics using the micro:bit. Their next level line of ‘Planet Totem’ mechanical animals, for ages 11+, can be programmed to respond to a variety of real-world actions using a specially customized sensor board. These robots are designed to be built by students and teachers to enhance engagement and imaginations. BinaryBots’ full range also has comprehensive lesson plans for computing and STEM for second and third graders available for schools.

Engineering education for teaching beginners through to advanced college students.

Robotical’s flagship product MARTY, is a fully programmable, wi-fi enabled walking robot compatible with a wide range of microcomputers including micro:bit, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Designed for ages 8+, MARTY can be used as a standalone educational tool or used in groups to help children develop essential team working skills along with coding experience. Robotical also provides supporting materials that fit a broad curriculum of Computer Science, Design & Technology, IT and Engineering education for teaching beginners through to advanced college students.


Wonder Workshop’s Dash and Cue are robust, responsive robots that are ready to go, straight out of the box. With numerous capabilities made available using multiple built-in motors, sensors, LEDs and audio features, Dash and Cue interact with students, their environment, and each other to provide an encouraging and collaborative learning experience. Wonder Workshop has designed Dash (for ages 6+) and Cue (for ages 11+) to grow with their students. Meaningful curricular and educational programs are available to support students with the development of critical and creative thinking, collaboration and communication skills.

“Connected devices are already beginning to radically reshape our world, so it’s more important than ever that we provide young people with the tools they need to thrive and develop in a rapidly evolving digital landscape,” says Jonathan Smith, head of education at Premier Farnell and Newark element14.



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