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Chipworks executives named to the "IAM 250 - A Guide to the World's Leading IP Strategists," the definitive guide to world-class IP professionals who help owners increase the value of their portfolios.

<divChipworks of Ottawa founder and CEO Terry Ludlow and President Julia Elvidge have been cited as two of the world's foremost intellectual property strategists by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) magazine in its "IAM 250 – A Guide to the World's Leading IP Strategists."
“It’s truly an honour to be recognized by the world’s IP community for the value we bring in helping semiconductor and microelectronics companies optimize their patent licensing positions,” said Terry Ludlow, CEO and founder of Chipworks.  “Today, more than ever, fact based evidence, generated through reverse engineering, is a necessity if companies want to make effective use of their IP in patent negotiations and litigations.”
The IAM 250 recognizes individuals who offer world-class services related to the development and implementation of strategies that enable IP owners to maximize the value of their portfolios.  World-class IP strategists have a comprehensive approach to IP value creation and how it aligns with business strategies.  To be considered, individuals had to be nominated by three professionals working in unrelated organizations.  The 250 world’s best strategists were selected following extensive research conducted over five months by the IAM team that included personal interviews with members of the IP profession from across the world.  Only those individuals who clearly demonstrated exceptional skill sets, as well as profound insights into the development, creation and management of IP value were listed on the IAM 250.
“Chipworks has an extraordinary team of experts that apply an unparalleled depth of technical, business, and market knowledge in helping companies truly understand and take advantage of their IP,” added Julia Elvidge, president of Chipworks.  “I am honoured to be included in the IAM 250 and to be supported by some of the industry’s best talent at Chipworks.”
Intellectual Asset Management magazine reports on intellectual property as a business asset. The magazine’s primary focus is on looking at how IP can be best managed and exploited in order to increase company profits, drive shareholder value and obtain increased leverage in the capital markets.  Its core readership primarily comprises senior executives in IP-owning companies, corporate counsel, private practice lawyers and attorneys, licensing and technology transfer managers, and investors and analysts.





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