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Maplesoft Changes Relationship with The MathWorks


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For many years, The MathWorks has resold the Maple engine under the product names Symbolic Math Toolbox and Extended Math Symbolic Toolbox. These products were designed for high performance symbolic computations. As the partnership between Maplesoft and The MathWorks is changing, the Maple engine will be sold exclusively by Maplesoft. This change will take effect September 28th, 2008.  Until September 28, 2008, The MathWorks will continue to sell versions of the Symbolic Math Toolbox and Extended Symbolic Math Toolbox which use the Maple engine.
Many users critically rely on the Maple engine for their day to day computational work, therefore Maplesoft and The MathWorks are making available a number of options to ensure continued access to the Maple product.
Versions of the Symbolic Math Toolbox and Extended Symbolic Math Toolbox sold by The MathWorks after September 28th will ship with a direct interface to Maple allowing customers to continue to use the Maple engine as an alternative to a symbolic kernel offered by the MathWorks. Customers will require the Symbolic Math Toolbox or Extended Symbolic Math Toolbox and a license of Maple to take advantage of this option. Licenses of Maple can be purchased directly from Maplesoft or an authorized reseller.


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