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Tyco Announces NBCCS Cabling Materials

June 25, 2008  Staff

Thermorad 700 series NBCCS fluoroelastomers are new materials that are resistant to nuclear, chemical, and biological (NBC) threats and are suited for cable jackets and wire insulation in applications requiring NBC contamination survivability (NBCCS). Thermorad-jacketed cables using this system are for military ground vehicle applications, communication equipment, and any other equipment that may be at risk of exposure while in theater.  They are also well suited for use in NBC decontamination stations. The new jacket material is compatible with Tyco Electronics’ Raychem NBC heat-shrinkable tubing, molded parts, and other components. Tyco Electronics will be offering Thermorad 700 Series jackets as an option in its custom multi-core cabling products.

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