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Power-supply ICs combine programmability, high efficiency in small form factor

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management Semiconductors IC power semiconductors

POWER INTEGRATIONS InnoSwitch 4-Pro family of digitally controllable, off-line CV/CC Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) flyback ICs substantially reduce the size of power adapters. Incorporating a robust PowiGaN gallium-nitride primary switch and steady-state switching frequency of up to 140kHz, the highly integrated devices reduce the component count and pcb area required for ultra-compact adapters for cellphone, notebook, tablet and multi-port accessories. Capable of delivering up to 220W, ICs combine a 750V PowiGaN primary switch, controller, FluxLink reinforced isolation feedback link for secondary-side control, I2C interface, active clamp drive and synchronous rectification in a compact InSOP-28 package. The high level of integration greatly simplifies the development and manufacturing of fully programmable, highly efficient power supplies.

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