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Wireless adapter module supports IEEE 802.11ad standard

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Electronics Semiconductors Wireless IEEE 802.11ad Peraso Perspectus PRM2144X standard wireless

PERASO Perspectus PRM2144X complete wireless adapter module supports the IEEE 802.11ad standard with advanced features for long range, outdoor applications. Module utilizes the firm’s X720 IEEE 802.11ad 60GHz phased array chipset, which includes a baseband processor and a high-power mmWave beamforming transceiver RFIC and is specifically engineered to target dense urban areas where fast reliable service has traditionally been an issue. Product incorporates a 128-element phased array antenna, which is integrated into the pcb and provides uniform performance over the entire IEEE 802.11ad band from 57 to 71 GHz. The Baseband processor is the PRS4601 B2E, which provides full MAC and PHY layer functionality necessary for IEEE 802.11ad operation and supports point-to-point or point-to-multipoint capability. The PRS1165 RFIC provides 16 RF chains with high transmit power levels. Device supports all 6 of the IEEE 802.11ad defined channels.

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