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Vertical-mount inductor saves space, increases efficiency

October 17, 2021  Stephen Law

VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY Dale IHVR-4025JZ-3Z IHVR vertical-mount inductor comes in the 10.25mm by 6.4mm by 10mm 4025 case size. Optimizing inductance and minimizing DCR for increased efficiency in dc-dc converters, device provides  high temperature operation up to +155°C for computer, server, telecom and industrial applications. Compared to traditional inductors, the compact size and unique vertical-mount design of the device released today save on board space and allow for more efficient cooling by utilizing air flow while enabling 50% lower DCR down to 0.130mΩ (typical) and higher rated current up to 112A. Device’s reduced DCR can provide significant savings in energy costs over the life of a server compared to less-efficient solutions. In addition, its rectangular shape provides better integration with other board components, making it easier for designers to keep pcb trace lengths equal to reduce phase imbalances.

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