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Ultra-small balun transformers serve 5G transceivers, power amplifiers

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Electronics Power Supply / Management 5G amplifier balun low-profile power transceiver transformers ultra-small

TTM TECHNOLOGIES family of ultra-small, low-profile balun transformers is comprised of small form factor (1.5 mm x 0.7 mm), high-performance couplers and baluns designed to meet the aggressive density and performance challenges of next-generation 5G transceiver and power amplifier applications. Devices include: Xinger 90-degree 3dB hybrid couplers: Available in 1800–2300 MHz, 2200–2800 MHz and 3100–5100 MHz frequency ranges, these couplers feature very low loss, tight amplitude balance, and high isolation.

  • Xinger directional couplers: Feature industry-leading low loss performance, the 2dB to 5dB couplers are suitable in applications where minimal part-to-part variation is required, as in asymmetrical Doherty combiner applications.
  • Xinger balun transformers: Units provide impedance transformation and convert unbalanced impedance to balanced impedance, and vice versa. Devices are available in 600–2300MHz, 1200–2700MHz and 2300–6000MHz frequency ranges.

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