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Ultra-high-efficiency ac-dc ZVS flyback architecture boosts non-PFC output power

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Electronics Power Supply / Management conversion eggtronic flyback High-density power

EGGTRONIC QuarEgg ZVS Flyback family of high-density power conversion solutions with an ultra-high-efficiency architecture that increases the power output available to designers before they are required to implement power factor correction (PFC). Product series permits developers to create solutions that support 70W, making non-PFC designs available to applications that might previously have required correction. Built around firm’s patented and proven low-loss, forced zero voltage switching (ZVS) flyback architecture, device delivers efficiencies of more than 94.5% across the full no-load to full-load range. This efficiency is even achieved with a combination of a low, 90V input voltage and a full load, which is typically the ‘worst-case scenario’ for a switched mode power supply (SMPS).

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