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Supercapacitor modules enable rapid implementation into any system

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management CDE power Storage supercapacitor

CORNELL DUBILIER ELECTRONICS (CDE) DSM Series modules delivers supercapacitor storage capabilities at higher voltages than what single components can provide. Devices are offered in packs with 3, 6 or 10 cells in series for 9V, 18V and 30V outputs and capacitance values range from 0.15 to 36.6 farads. Standard modules simplify the application of supercapacitors for large energy storage, providing designers with an easy and safe alternative to lithium-ion batteries. Devices can be rapidly implemented in power systems for energy harvesting, storage and backup applications. Each module features integrated-cell balancing, insulated construction, and cable/connector assemblies to facilitate immediate use.

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