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Super low-power, low-latency, Edge AI speech solution enables customization

Stephen Law   

Automation / Robotics Electronics AI algorithms audio denoising edge HMI speech

AON DEVICES AONDenoise compact, efficient edge AI denoising technology is designed for applications that require minimal power and latency. As one of the smallest denoising algorithms available, solution is suitable as AI speech enhancement for use in hearing aids, wireless earbuds, smartphones, and wearables. Known for its innovation in super low-power edge AI human-machine interfaces, product is expanding its focus to include innovations in human-human interfaces. Solution is multiple orders of magnitude smaller than traditional DSP noise reduction methods and at least an order of magnitude smaller than current AI-based denoisers. Product addresses the need for customizable noise cancellation in ultra-low power, real-time processing devices, such as chips used for hearing aids. The algorithm can target a wide range of noises, such as chatter in a crowded restaurant, wind noise, dogs barking, babies crying, or keyboards clicking.

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