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State-of-the-art photodiode meets the advanced needs

Stephen Law   

Electronics opto optoelectronics photodiode state-of-the-art

MARKTECH OPTOELECTRONICS MT03-072 Quadrant Silicon, state-of-the-art photodiode meets the advanced needs of applications such as beam centering, beam nulling, position centering, beam alignment, optical tweezers, atomic force microscopes (AFMs), fine sun sensors (FSSs) and free space optical receivers. 50mm2 Active Area Si Quadrant Photodiode stands out in the market with its packaging in a hermetic TO-8 metal can. The robust packaging protects the device and maintains optimal performance even in the most challenging environments. Product effectively prevents the ingress of oxygen, moisture, water vapor, and other corrosive gases known to degrade semiconductor materials. Attributes make device more reliable and durable compared to products in standard plastic SMD or non-airtight packages.

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