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Solid-state isolators speed switching up to 70% lower dissipation

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Electronics Semiconductors Circuit INFINEON isolators iSSI protection Solid-State switching

INFINEON family of Solid-State Isolators (iSSI) achieve faster and more reliable circuit switching with protection features not available in optical-based solid state relays (SSR). iSSI use coreless transformer technology and support 20 times greater energy transfer with both current and temperature protection contributing to a higher reliability and lower cost of ownership. Devices allow driving the gates of firm‘s MOS-controlled power transistors OptiMOS and CoolMOS to reduce power dissipation of up to 70% of todays’ solid-state relays using SCR (silicon-controlled rectifier) and Triac switches. Devices enable custom solid-state relays capable of controlling loads more than 1000V and 100A. Suitable for applications in advanced battery management, energy storage, renewable energy systems, as well as industrial and building automation system applications.

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