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Parasoft MISRA C 2023 compliant developed, embedded software testing solution consolidates MISRA C 2012 and all the amendments and corrigendums that have been released to date. The standard supports the C programming language, versions C90, C99, C11, and C18. Parasoft C/C++test fully supports MISRA C 2023 and has made it available to software development teams looking to ensure deployment of code that’s compliant with the latest coding standard in safety and security. Expected for release this year, software combines MISRA C++ 2008 and AUTOSAR C++14 coding guidelines with advancements in support for C++ programming languages C++17, C++20, and beyond. Firm’s C/C++test supports the released draft version of MISRA C++ 2023 that contains the latest C++ rules. Software engineers have the ability to scan their code and start improving their applications that use C++17 and C++20 code before the public release of the standard.

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