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Smart shunt uses isolated smart current measurement technology

December 23, 2020  Stephen Law

RIEDON SSA Smart Current Sensor series combines low-impedance manganese shunt resistance, a high-precision insulated amplifier, and an isolated dc-dc converter. Device consists of four current ratings: 100A, 250A, 500A and 1000A, makes it suitable for use in high-power applications, where harsh conditions may be an issue, such as with elevated temperature levels, heavy vibrations and electro-magnetic interference (EMI). Device are used in electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) traction inverters, ac-dc converters, uninterruptible power supplies, renewable energy generation sites and smart grid infrastructure. Device is insensitive to magnetic fields, and, unlike Hall-effect sensors, can be freely positioned without the need for additional shielding. This allows for more flexibility during development. The next-generation current sensing modules combine the attributes of conventional passive shunt resistors with those normally associated with considerably more expensive and bulky closed-loop Hall Effect current sensors. 

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