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Pre-configured cable assemblies are waterproof, tamper-resistant

Stephen Law   

Electronics Interconnect AMC connector ultraminiature

AMPHENOL RF SMA, TNC and RP-TNC series waterproof IP-rated and tamper-resistant cable assemblies are designed using 1.13mm micro coax cable. The assemblies feature the ultraminiature AMC connector on one end and are intended for use in applications where systems may be compromised through exposure to the elements or external tampering providing strong protection against both. All three cable assembly configurations operate at 50 ohms and utilize the familiar threaded interface, which ensures mating stability and reliable electrical performance. The front-mounted bulkhead jacks can be fastened on the inside of the panel or enclosure which provides additional security for sensitive systems. The 1.13mm micro coax cable provides additional flexibility for installation needs, as well as an ultraminiature mated connection for small spaces and crowded pcbs.

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