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Power GaN FETS reduce power loss in EVs, 5G and IoT designs

September 22, 2020  Stephen Law

NEWARK Nexperia Power Gallium Nitride (GaN) FET range delivers improved density and efficient power usage in a small form factor, enabling the development of efficient systems at a lower cost, and providing the potential to transform power performance in electric vehicles, 5G communications, IoT and more. Product range provides real solutions to design engineers as increased legislation, and the growing need to reduce CO2 emissions, drive a shift to more efficient power conversion and increased electrification. Rugged devices provide easy gate drive, low RDS(on), and fast switching. Power GaN FETs are also well positioned for applications in data centers, telecom infrastructures, and industrial applications. GaN FETs deliver superior performance in solutions such as hard switching for ac-dc Totem pole PFC applications, LLC phase shift full-bridge (resonant or fixed frequency) for soft-switching applications, All dc-ac inverter topologies and ac-ac matrix converters using bidirectional switches. 

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