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Piston soldering module delivers 100% traceability

EUTECT SWF-KL piston soldering module is a force, wire quantity and speed-controlled piston soldering system with 100% traceability and sets new standards in three key categories. Working in combination with firm’s Sensitive Wire Feeder (SWF), the KL module system is equipped with fully automated changing of the soldering tip and an integrated nitrogen gas supply. With the help of intelligent sensors, the operator is informed when the wire is tending towards the end in the feeder. This version can thus also be quickly and easily adjusted for different solder wire diameters, providing high flexibility for a wide range of applications. Module can also optionally be equipped with an extraction system. Depending on the overall automation solution, the product to be soldered and the process flow, the extraction system is integrated and minimizes contamination in the system and in the installed components.

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