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Pcb-less MEMS-based IC solution is factory calibrated, boosts accuracy

Stephen Law   

Automation / Robotics Electronics Semiconductors IC MEMs semiconductor

MELEXIS MLX90824 pcb-less pressure sensor IC delivers high degree of accuracy over lifetime. Intended for use in automotive engine management, device determines the absolute pressure, then delivers a digital output signal using the SENT protocol whereas the brother product MLX90822 provides an analog output voltage. These factory calibrated devices measures pressure spans from 1 to 4 bar. An accuracy of +/-0.5 %FS (full scale) is maintained over the course of the sensor’s working lifespan. This accuracy is not impacted by the sensor integration thanks to the PCB-less packaging.

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MLX90824 and MLX90822 consist of a sensor readout circuit, digital hardware, voltage regulators and SENT or analog output drivers, plus all the essential passive components. A pre-calibrated NTC thermistor (negative temperature coefficient) input is available for the MLX90824 (SENT output). This allows users to interface their NTC through the pressure sensor without end-calibration. Improved overvoltage (+40 V) and reverse voltage (-40 V) protection mechanisms are incorporated.

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