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Optical beamforming chip is small, scalable, precise, reliable

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LUMOTIVE LM10 Commercially available optical beam steering semiconductor serves new era in 3D sensing. Operating on true solid-state, zero-inertia beam steering technology, device is software definable via random access scan patterns. Product provides ultra-wide FOV with up to 180-degrees with expanding optics. Device is compatible with all laser types, including VCSEL and EEL. Product’s 11x9mm active aperture area fits many system designs. Evaluation kit and full lidar reference design are available. The digital beam steering, made possible by firm’s LCM technology, delivers the performance of a scanning lidar sensor without any of the cost, size, and reliability problems of mechanical systems. Device enables a wide range of lidar systems based on the same architecture, from ultra-wide field of view to long range. System performance is determined by laser power, field of view of transmit/receive optics, and the choice of depth sensor. LM10 is compatible with both indirect time-of-flight (iToF) and direct time-of-flight (dToF) sensors.

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