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Near zero footprint elastomer socket boosts performance

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Electronics Interconnect Interconnect Ironwood socket

IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS Near Zero elastomer socket (NZGT) combines high performance elastomer technology with surface mount option enabling minimal footprint with bandwidth >43GHz. The GT high performance elastomer contact can support much higher bandwidth, but requires a footprint with mounting/alignment holes. NZGT technology utilizes high performance megtron pcb with solder balls on the bottom side and requires no mounting holes. Socket body is laminated to the PCB top side with minimal extension of 2.5mm per side. Extension wing is 1.5mm from PCB surface in Z direction allowing capacitors/resistors to be placed very close to device emulating production design. Screw down lid for low profile or lid with integrated spring, which allows reliable contact and ensures device retention in a rugged testing environment. Lower forces, ~ 25 grams, makes less stress on solder joints and lamination enabling a few hundred insertions of the devices. The socket lid can be configured to include heat sinking. The GT elastomer contact can be designed to cover devices from 0.25mm pitch and larger, and the short electrical length has superior electrical performance. The temperature range is -55 C to +160 C. To use, reflow PCB with socket body to target footprint. Place GT elastomer inside socket body aligning four corner tabs. When the device is placed, each solder ball will be aligned using ball guide holes. Close the lid, apply downward pressure, and the system is ready for test.

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