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Multi-purpose coin cell power packs are compact

November 23, 2020  Stephen Law

EMX ENTERPRISES Keystone Electronics series of Compact Multi-Purpose Coin Cell Power Packs address the increasing demands for safe, reliable and secure holders for the popular 2032 coin cell battery. Devices feature a built-in on/off toggle switch for multi-purpose applications. Product’s design makes this it safe, while extending the life of the battery with switchable power. Unit’s body is manufactured from molded polypropylene for increased durability. The contacts are made from phosphor bronze with nickel plating. These self-contained packs may be placed on or off a board, as well as between components and are suitable for consumer or industrial products. Units are polarized to protect circuitry from improper battery installation. Devices provide portability and feature an attached retaining cover that is kept closed with a snap-on feature and screws for additional safety and security. 

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